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A Collaborative Mindfulness App for Gen Z



Project Type

Case Study


10 weeks



What is Lemon?

Lemon is a mobile iOS app that focuses on providing Gen-Zers (1997-2015), collaborative mindfulness lessons to reduce their growing levels of stress

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Problem Space


of Gen Z says they have experienced a physical or emotional symptom as a result of stress in the past year"

- APA (2018)

There has been a rise in stress among Gen Z, with ⅓ of the population claiming they have poor mental health. Work environment, social issues, and safety concerns are known stressors.

Gen Z practices mindfulness and meditation more frequently than other age groups, with “twice as many Gen Z” than Baby Boomers.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress in working professionals by 31% and could generate similarly positive outcomes for Gen Z as well. However, most meditation apps on the market are catered towards working professionals instead of Gen Z.

With this in mind, I developed a project question:

How might we tailor online-based meditation practices specifically to a Gen-Z audience in order to reduce their growing levels of stress?

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User Interviews

I wanted to learn more about my users, so I decided to directly interview five Gen-Zers to hear their responses.

Goals and Objectives

Learn about Gen Z’s:

  • Experiences with meditation

  • Challenges with meditation

  • Lifestyle fit with meditation

Participant Criteria

Must be born within the years 1997 - 2015

Interview Insights


  • Likes the relaxing feeling

Pain Points

  • Meditation gets boring after a while

  • Would rather do something else more enjoyable (e.g. hang out with friends)


  • Spends 5-6 hours on their phone

  • Taking a break from work feels unproductive

  • Self discipline is difficult without support from friends and family

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Make the mindfulness experience collaborative

  • Spending time with friends

  • More engaging & fun

  • Helps keep accountability

Making the mindfulness experience collaborative will allow the user to spend time with friends, creating a more fun experience and helps to create accountability.

The task flow of this process is shown below:

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Home Page

01 - Home.png

Version 1

Users found it difficult to tell which lessons were unlocked for them


Wording of "The Basics" is unclear as to what action the user will be engaging in

02 - Home.png

Version 2

Users still found it difficult to tell which lessons were unlocked for them when color were switched around

Changed wording to "Start With The Basics"

Layout looks too similar to Duolingo

03 - Home.png

Version 3

Got rid of lesson locked/unlocked system and used colors to indicate mastery of lessons by levels

Layout has been changed to avoid the Duolingo feel

04 - Home.png

Version 4

Added bar on the side for explanation of levels system


(I later realized that colors are not the best for state changes. Ideally, I would have developed a more inclusive system that does not rely on colors and hinder colorblind users.)

Pre-Session Invite Friends Page

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In-Session Invite Friends Page

Post-Session Page

Visual Identity
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Wordmark Development

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Marketing Site
What's Next?
  • Interviewing a larger and more diverse sample size of Gen Z to better address user needs

  • Considering different platforms

  • Seeing which other demographics may benefit (e.g. low income individuals)